IFCo Italy supporting 50th anniversary photographic project for CISF

April 24, 2024
Christina Cullen

IFCo's Director or Italy, Francesca Mineo has been working closely with the International Centre for Family Studies (CISF) on a project to mark their 50th Anniversary.

The CISF project will culminate in a photo exhibition consisting of 50 photographs representing the 50 years of organisation's work. CISF's purpose is to study the evolution of families, their structures, needs, and supporting social policies amongst other things.

The exhibition will launch on 15 May 2024 in Milan at Ambrosianeum.

Francesca has been working on the project since last year, and has been involved in the development of the concept of the event, as well as the planning work around the photographs, including the selection of the 10 families and their accompanying interviews that will make up the exhibition. The exhibition will include audio tracks, that can be listened to by scanning a QR code next to the displayed photograph, so visitors can listen to the story of the family at the same time as looking at the photograph.

Details of the exhibition and how to visit will be available soon.