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The WHO Foundation

Developing the fundraising strategy for a new Foundation to support the vital work of the World Health Organisation

About the The WHO Foundation

The WHO Foundation is an independent Swiss NGO established in 2020 to support the mission of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its implementing partners on the group, in achieving a world in which all people attain the highest possible standard of health and well-being.

What we did for them

We were brought in to help the WHO Foundation develop its initial fundraising strategy. Our focus was on helping them secure start-up funds from wealthy philanthropists around the globe. This included advising on messaging and methods for approaching potential donors, recruiting ambassadors and developing a stewardship strategy. We also provided recommendations for creating an individual giving approach, based particularly on leveraging their connections with prestigious sporting venues and occasions.

A senior consultant was subsequently embedded with the Foundation to help them deliver the strategy during their start-up phase and while a permanent team was recruited.

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