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The British Academy

Reviewing fundraising and making recommendations for future growth.

About the The British Academy

The British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. They mobilise these disciplines to understand the world and shape a brighter future. This includes investing in research into areas including artificial intelligence, building prosperity and improving well-being and engaging the public through events, talks, videos, podcasts and their annual Summer Showcase.

What we did for them

We have carried out two pieces of work for the The British Academy. We were first asked to review the fundraising potential of seven International Institutes which it funds and recommend a strategy for their fundraising activities, both collectively and individually. The Institutes are based in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, the Levant, Kenya and Libya, and vary greatly in size and activities.

We were then asked to conduct an Audit of the British Academy’s own fundraising, and make recommendations for how that fundraising should develop.

“The British Academy Development Team worked with Bill King and his colleagues from the International Fundraising Consultancy on an audit of fundraising activity at the Academy. The progress which took about three months was constructive and positive. It is always helpful to have a fresh view point and the consultancy team provided exactly that with new insight into new approaches and confirmation of the value of the current focus of fundraising. Their analysis has helped to inform future fundraising planning and to support further investment in the Development Team.”
Jo Hopkins Director of Development | The British Academy